Other Services

Please contact us with any questions you may have about our services. If you dont see a service listed that you are interested in having performed by Precise Yard Maintenance, dont hesitate to contacts us, via email or by calling us direct at (801)633-6685.

If we at Precise Yard Maintenance dont provide a service you are interested in, we may be able to recommend a great referral.

Transplanting Trees

Sometimes trees and shrubs are planted in the wrong location. If caught not long after planting (within 2 or 3 years) we can relocate that tree or shrub. We suggest that all relocation transplanting be done in the fall and winter when trees are dormant. This gives the tree a much better chance of survival.

Dump Truck Services

We can pick up and deliver landscape materials to your location of choice. Rock, gravel, sand, dirt, mulch, and soil conditioner.

Debris Hauling

If you have debris in your landscape that you need removed by means of a dump truck, we can do it.

Crane ServicesCrane ServicesCrane Service
We own a knuckle boom crane capable of lifting 2 tons “in tight spaces”.

We also have a 15 ton crane with 100 ft tip height. We can lift trusses, hot tubs, HVAC units and much more.


Gutter Cleaning

We can clean most gutters free from debris.


Roof clearanceRoof & Building Clearance

We can clear your roof and building from encroaching branches. Branches can start to grow onto your roof or into the side of your building. Unattended branches can cause serious damage to shingles, siding, windows and even dent or clog your gutters; this can lead to water problems in the future.